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Introducing the ENVE Custom Road Bike


High Tech Meets High Touch

A modern Road Bike that's uniquely yours, and uniquely ENVE.

From geometry to paint, to wheels and components, each ENVE Custom is tailored to your specific wants and needs.


That Perfect Fit

Our goal is to deliver you a bike that fits - perfectly. To make this possible, the Custom Road is constructed using a molding process that allows us to create a custom bike for virtually any fit. The result is a handcrafted, US made bike, built specifically for you.

Steps to a Perfect Fit
  1. Establish the rider's current fit history by identifying likes and dislikes related to current bikes, past bikes, and most current professional bike fit.
  2. Run rider's ideal fit measurements through ENVE's Best Fit Calculator which crawls thousands of stack/reach combinations and delivers several "best fit" geometry solutions.
  3. ENVE and rider meet to review fit options and establish final geometry.


The ENVE Custom Road is available with two unique personalities–Race and All Road. While identical in appearance, each has been tuned for a range of specific tire sizes and rider styles.




  • Prioritizes agility and responsiveness
  • Shorter wheelbase
  • Geometry tuned for labeled 25-31mm tires
  • Max tire clearance - 35mm (labeled)
  • Rider archetype: Road/criterium racer, aggressive and responsive, out of the saddle

All Road

  • Prioritizes stability and control
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Geometry tuned for labeled 29-35mm tires
  • Max tire clearance - 35mm (labeled)
  • Rider archetype: Endurance, mixed-surface racer, smooth and flowing, in the saddle.



Pick your flavor and the toppings


4 Paint Templates
2 Finishes
38 Colors


Choose your wheelset and build

An ENVE SES or Foundation wheelset + SES Tires completes the Custom Road. While our wheelsets are designed to make any bike faster, only one frame has ever been purpose-built to complement our wheels.


Life is full of compromise.
Your bike should be the exception.


Intelligent Integration

One-Piece SES AR Bar/Stem Combo

Cleanly houses and hides the hoses, wires, and junction box.


Chris King AeroSet™ Headset

In a collaboration with Chris King Precision Components, we developed the AeroSet™, an all-new internally routed headset designed to deliver precise handling and a clean integrated aesthetic.


Integrated Seat Mast and Topper

Allows for a reduction in weight and a more compliant ride. In addition, the seat mast topper uses ENVE's tried and proven clamp mechanism and offers 35mm of height adjustability should your fit needs change.


Smart Solutions for the Ride Lifestyle

ENVE x Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Travel Case

Each chassis, rolling chassis, and complete bike is delivered in a custom ENVE x Scicon Aerocomport 3.0 TSA travel case that allows for a five minute pack job, while ensuring your critical adjustments remain untouched.

ENVE x K-Edge Combo Mount

In collaboration with K-Edge the Custom Road's computer mount integrates cleanly with the SES AR Bar/Stem Combo and ensures secure retention of your cycling computer + light or camera.


Aero Optimized, Ride Prioritized

Aerodynamics are an expectation in modern road frame design and the Custom Road is no exception.

Tapping into our experience developing rim shapes in the world's fastest frames, the Custom Road delivers leading aerodynamic efficiency and achieves our design goals for strength, stiffness, and versatility.

It all comes down to the ride

In 2007, ENVE was founded with little more than an advanced understanding of carbon technologies and the belief that through such, a better ride experience could be achieved. The hard earned knowledge gained designing and manufacturing rims, arguably the most complex carbon structures in sport, are now being applied to the component at the center of it all - the frame.


Ride Tuned

Each Custom Road begins its life as one of 9 unique carbon parts that are assembled to create the Custom Road Chassis. These parts are made using a mix of unidirectional carbon fiber, spread-tow fiber, and other materials to achieve our goals for weight, strength, stiffness, and compliance.



Balanced Performance

With the Custom Road, the goal wasn’t to focus on any singular performance metric, but rather, to deliver a perfect fit and a refined ride quality. At an approximate weight of 850 grams for an unpainted 56cm frame, the Custom Road strikes a unique balance of stiffness and compliance, weight savings and durability, for a ride feel that can only be described as premium.



US Made, by ENVE

Like our wheels, each Custom Road is handcrafted in our Ogden, Utah, headquarters. With our experience crafting carbon, in-house paint shop, and full staff of dedicated cyclists, we can do what others only dream about.


We've got your back.

The ENVE Custom Road Chassis features a 5 Year Factory Warranty and Crash Replacement Program.