KINLIN was established in the fall of 1972. We position ourself in the class of a high-quality specialty bicycle rim manufacturing company situated in Kaohsiung, a nice and warm southern city of Taiwan.

Aiming at developing high-end product market, we practice the unique integrated T-10 Manufacturing Process and use reliable raw material sources for products.

Satisfying customers’ needs is our highest priority and is the founding principle we hold. In the last three decades, over 30 millions rims have been delivered to global users and gained high reputation among industrials, professionals and consumers (amateurs, enthusiasts…etc).

We work closely with professional teams, pro testers and listen carefully to customers to keep up with market's tendency and, the most important issue — overall product quality improvement.

Quality is Everything” and “Quality Products were Born of Quality Materials

KINLIN will persevere in upholding the T-10 manufacturing process and continue to use qualified materials to keep providing high quality products.

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