Tubolito TUBO ROAD 700C

Tubolito TUBO ROAD 700C

SGD 50.00 SGD 53.50 Save SGD 3.50

Standard Tubolito

The superlight Tubo Road tube from Tubolito is the latest craze for weightweenies.
It weighs in at just 38g with a 42mm long valve. Thats a crazy savings of 70g (of rotational weight) off a standard tube.
In weightweenie terms, this is probably one of the best dollar-to-weight savings...

Despite being 2/3 lighter, they have been tested to be 2x tougher than the standard tube.

Tubolito tubes are made in Europe.

Weight: 38 G

Tyre width: 18-28mm

Valve: 42mm / 60mm / 80mm



Tubolito S (Disc Brakes only)

We’ve been huge advocates for tubeless technology. But with the new Tubolito S, we’re starting to lean towards these.
Weighing in at only 23 grams, with 60mm valves, they offer 85 grams of Rotational weight savings, per wheel! Or about 170 grams on two wheels. That is about 20% of a high end carbon frame in weight. Or to give you some rotational weight perspective, the difference between an Enve 3.4 Disc and a 5.6 Disc is only 133 grams.
To top it off, they are also priced the same as the standard model while featurng the same puncture resistance as the standard model, and a 78% smaller package size. Tubolito S is only compatible with Disc brakes, and we believe they are able to achieve such weight and size because there is no heat build up in disc rims, as there would have been on a rim brake. Its nice to see the development of specialized inner tubes in parallel to the evolution of road disc bikes.