Speedsleev Balistic Nylon Seatsleev White, Small

Speedsleev Balistic Nylon Seatsleev White, Small

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There is usually more to carry on the bike than can be jammed into the jersey pockets. This means that you either have to hope for the best or find other ways to carry the goods. For those who don’t want a big seat pack the Seatsleev is just the thing.

This minimalist pack is made of carbon bands along with a gripping type fabric. It is enough to hold a tube, CO2 cartridges, tire levers and a multi-tool. The small size is meant for roadies while the large version will carry an MTB tube and tools. The Seatsleev is a small pack that delivers big capability.

Seatsleev Compression Saddle pack Small Ballistic Nylon

The ballistic nylon material is the lightest and most minimalist fabric we have.  The least volume and most compact.   If your looking for the tightest package, under the saddle, this it.



-One road tube 
-Two 16G Co2’s 
-Two tire levers 
-Patch kit 
-Valve extender