Light Bicycle - Falcon PRO AR X-FLOW (Flyweight) Rims

Light Bicycle - Falcon PRO AR X-FLOW (Flyweight) Rims

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*Flyweight - Weightweenie Variant*

Quick Compare:

Rim Model Depth Int / Ext
Weight Warranty Weight
AR35 - Flyweight
35mm 21mm
345g 5 yrs 90kg
AR375 X-Flow - Flyweight
37.5mm 21mm
375g 5 yrs 90kg
AR45 - Flyweight
45mm 21mm
375g 5 yrs 90kg
AR465 X-Flow - Flyweight
46.5mm 21mm
395g 5 yrs 90kg
AR55 - Flyweight
55mm 21mm
405g 5 yrs 90kg
Schmolke TLO 45
45mm 17.6mm
425g 2 yrs 105kg

Falcon Pro AR Rims are wider and lighter than our benchmark.
They are covered by a 5 year warranty, but have a lower rider weight limit.


Quick Compare; Falcon PRO AR X-Flow Rims

Rim Model AR375 disc AR465 disc
Size 700C 700C
Series FALCON PRO (X-Flow) FALCON PRO (X-Flow)
Use Road/CX/Gravel Road/CX/Gravel
Type Clincher Clincher
Tubeless Ready Ready
Inner/Outer Width 21mm/28mm 21mm/28mm
Depth 37.5mm 46.5mm
ERD 565mm 547mm
Weight 375g 395g
Offset 0mm (symmetric) 0mm (symmetric)
Weight Limit (on flat ground) 90kg 90kg
Spoke Hole Angle ±8° ±8°
Spoke Tension 115 ~130kgf front, 120~130kgf rear 115 ~130kgf front, 120~130kgf rear
Tire Pressure (with 25C) 110psi max 110psi max
Tire 23-43c recommended 23-43c recommended
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Decal Black Black

From the Curator:

“We set off to curate a new line of value rims and wheelsets.
One that was able to compete against big names in the weightweenie category but at a fraction of the cost.

We set perimeter goals, and used big German names who have dominated the weight weenie arena as the benchmark.

Light Bicycle stood out, for their decade long track record in producing durable rims that were extremely competitive in both weight and price.
Being in-house manufacturers themselves, they had the capacity to customize rim geometry, carbon layups and finishes -
even optimizing the product's weight for a specific target / geographical market - and we certainly took advantage of it.

One of the perimeters highlighted was the 90kg flyweight limit.
To clarify, this is a rider weight limit, and not a system weight limit (which includes the weight of the bike).

In our study, we rarely found the (default) 135kg weight limit necessary in South East Asia,
(in fact, this was almost double), where the average weight of a Singaporean Male is 72.8kg, 71.5kg in Malaysia
and 61.8kg and 61.4kg in the Philippines and Indonesia respectively.

As in all things Engineering, optimization was key, but with a built-in safety factor, of course."


Rims are covered by a 5 year warranty.