ENVE InnerDrive Premium DISC Hubs

ENVE InnerDrive Premium DISC Hubs

SGD 1,250.00 SGD 1,375.00 Save SGD 125.00


ENVE INNERDRIVE™ Premium Hubs use an all-new 100% ENVE drive mechanism shrouded in a straight-pull hubshell to enhance performance and the ride experience. Oversized steel ratchets are positioned inboard and over the bearings to reduce stress on the axle and bearings while ensuring positive, reliable engagement.  Delivers weight savings of 60g over previous generation J-bend hubs.

INNERDRIVE represents the pinnacle of bicycle drive systems.

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From the Curator:

"Introducing Enve InnerDrive Hubs.

They are 60grams lighter than the previous generation!!
For reference, the weight difference between a 4.5 and 6.7 is only 25grams.

So the new 6.7s with InnerDrive hubs are just 17grams heavier than a 3.4 wheelset with the previous Enve hub.

THATS NOT ALL, and more importantly, InnerDrive hubs feature oversized high engagement ratchets with 40T, 60T, 80T and 100T options. YES, 100T is not a typo. Hubs will come stock with 60T and the other options available as upgrades, so you can tune engagement according to your races.

UAE Team Emirates has been riding them over the course of the 2023 season, to ensure durability and performance across a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. They have endured tens of thousands of miles, including winning numerous Grand Tour stages.

Enve InnerDrive hubs are the choice for the #1 Ranked Team and #1 Ranked Rider in the world."

Other features;

- Silent non-contact spoke crossing.
- Only 1 spoke length per wheel.
- Anti-Twist spoke holes
- Auto bearing preload.
- 8-10% improved lateral stiffness
- Higher power transmission and efficiency
- Available in HG, XDR, N3W, MS12