ENVE G Series Dropper Post

ENVE G Series Dropper Post

SGD 500.00 SGD 535.00 Save SGD 35.00

Built for the lightweight modern gravel bike, the G Series Dropper Seatpost features 40mm of drop to deliver the confidence that a lower center of gravity provides on descents of any kind. The inverted design sheds mud and allows for your excess length to be trimmed off for additional weight savings. Lower to the ground gets you closer to gravel nirvana.

40mm of drop
395g, with up to 50g in cuttable weight savings
• Mechanically actuated
• Compatible with most cable-actuated dropper post remote levers
(Enve G-Series Dropper Lever)
27.2mm Diameter
• Includes shims for 30.9mm and 31.6mm
• Fully Serviceable 
• Bike packing, saddle bag friendly

<Tech Notes>

Best used with Enve G-Series Dropper Lever

Torque Spec;
Depends on Seatpost collar. (Check frame manufacturer / collar)

Saddle Angle Adjustment; 0-25deg

Offset; 0mm

Min Insert; 75mm
Max Insert; 210mm

Saddle Rail Compatibility; 7x7mm, 7x9mm, 7x10mm


The gravel around our backyard Wasatch Range inspired the idea of a dropper post for fast and technical descents. It proved to be just as useful out in the Flint Hills of Kansas as well, when pedal efficiency was demanded, but where short and steep descents proved to be just as technical. In line with the ethos that our gravel products must provide more confidence, the 40mm of drop puts riders in a more comfortable and manageable position to descend fast with more confidently. The unique design allows for a more reliable and serviceable cartridge mechanism in a 27.2mm package. Similarly, the placement of the cartridge makes for a post that can be cut to the desired length for a potential weight loss of 50g from the initial 395g package. For bike packers, this inverted dropper allows for any saddle bag, of any size to be fit without any special brackets or attachments. Finally, with 25 degrees of saddle tilt adjustment, and shims included for 30.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes, the G Series Dropper Seat Post is compatible with a wide variety of gravel bikes. Additionally, the dropper post is an excellent choice for XC riders and racers looking for a lightweight short-travel dropper post solution. The dropper post is compatible with cable-actuated remote dropper levers.