Chris King® GripNut Headset 1-1/8 inch (Headset for Brompton)

Chris King® GripNut Headset 1-1/8 inch (Headset for Brompton)

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Colour Status (Last Updated, 1st May 2021)
Black, Bold Pre-Order
Black, Sotto Voce Pre-Order
Silver, Sotto Voce Pre-Order
Red, Bold Pre-Order
Red, Sotto Voce Available
Navy, Bold Available
Navy, Sotto Voce Pre-Order
Patriot, Bold Pre-Order
Patriot, Sotto Voce Pre-Order

You can check in with us before you purchase,
drop us a WhatsApp text at: +65 62562028 by Clicking this Link.

For Pre-orders, the Lead Time may be up to 120 Days.
Please DO NOT place an order if you are uncomfortable with the wait.
There will be no refund or exchange allowed for Pre-ordered items.
Only place an order if you've read and understood the entire listing.

Full Disclosure:

- The GripNut headsets are selling faster than they are being produced.

- We have a shipment from Chris King every 2 weeks.
This is usually the Mid and the End of each month but could vary from time to time.

- Unfortunately, we do not receive all colours in each shipment.
- We are working on closing the gap but for now, this Pre-order is the best way to secure a headset. Pre-ordering puts you in the queue which we will fulfill, before we release the shipment to fulfill our dealers' backorders.

- Please understand, we do not have control over the lead time of headsets.
Calling and emailing us does not change this.

- Elite reserves the right to cancel your pre-order and issue you a full refund.


<Current Colours>

Black - Bold
Black - Sotto Voce
Red - Bold
Red - Sotto Voce
Navy - Bold
Navy Sotto Voce
Patriot - Bold
Patriot - Sotto Voce



Matte Slate - Bold, a Gun Metal colour with a matte finish, its topped off with a Bold etched logo, unlike the usual shaded logo you'll find on other CK matte headsets.

Every now and then, we will run Specials - Mixed colours, limited edition colours & sometimes special re-runs of discontinued colours. These are one-off projects, produced in limited quantities. Once sold, they will no longer be available to order.

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Our GripNut™ headset is designed for threaded forks that don’t require a cable hanger or additional spacers, allowing us to build a low stack height threaded headset with a unique collet locking system that stays securely adjusted.

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
King Lifetime Warranty
Legendary made-in-house bearings
GripNut™ proprietary collet retention system