Ashima Ai2 Ultra Light Disc Rotor - 6B

Ashima Ai2 Ultra Light Disc Rotor - 6B

SGD 30.00 SGD 32.10 Save SGD 2.10

From the Curator:

"An upgrade often overlooked - Many enthusiasts get carried away trying to shave off every gram on a pair of hubs (in some cases, sacrificing other characteristics like hub engagement, bearing durability or spoke tension), and fail to address these two large pieces of rotational mass.

In 160dia-6 Bolt configuration, these rotors shed more than 25% off common top tier rotors like SRAM Centerline X.

The best part, Installation is a simple - Plug and Play, it takes just 5-10 mins and can be done at home.

They are priced competitively, and can add a splash of colour to any wheel.
While maintaining excellent overall brake system performance, durability and cooling."

Ashima Disc Caliper Adapters are a quick and simple way to utilize larger rotors on your Flat Mount frame or fork.


The Ashima Ai2 Rotor is the world's lightest 1-piece rotor and it is ideal, even for Mountain applications. It features a low mass, single-piece stainless steel construction that is meticulously machined out of a proprietary disc-brake specific, high grade SUS410 stainless steel alloy. Each individual rotor is then precision ground on each side to ensure perfect parallelism and hardened to HRC 42 for maximum durability.

Its low mass and unique cutouts along the mounting holes aid in efficient heat dissipation and excellent rotor cooling, allowing for more predictable braking capabilities even during long descents. No special pads are required for use with these rotors.


  • Super light weight
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Fully Tested beyond the ISO standard
  • High grade SUS410 stainless steel
  • Ground and Hardened to HRC 42

Rated for:
- XC
- Cyclocross
- Triathlon
- Road
- City

Quick Compare:

6 Bolt Interface
Ø140 Ø160 Ø180 Ø203
Ashima AiNeon 63 71 88 -
Ashima Ai2 64 73 104 -
Carbon-Ti 65 77 94 -
Ashima AiRotor 68 85 112 136
Trickstuff 68 93 126 156
Brake Force One 74 95 105 176
Magura Storm SL.2 - 97 119 -
Galfer Wave - 100 110 140
SRAM Centerline X 86 101 122 -
Hope Floating 84 102 146 173
Jagwire Pro LR1 Lightweight 85 105 130 -
Shimano SLX - 114 140 179
SRAM Centerline XR 96 118 - -
Brake Stuff - 126 165 193
Swiss Stop Catalyst 110 128 156 198
Formula Monolitic - 136 196 196
Magura MDR-C - 140 178 235
Hayes - 150 160 188
TRP TR29 140 160 180 200
Fouriers DSK1 100 116 136 162
Sorted by weight - Ø160



Ashima is the most advanced company in Rotor design, technology and manufacturing. As a testimony to their R&D, they own more than 300 patents world wide.

They are no stranger to the weightweenie community and are most renown for:

"The World's Lightest Two-Piece Rotor" - Ashima AiNeon

"The World's Lightest One-Piece Rotor" - Ashima Ai2

Behind the scenes, Ashima is huge in the OEM/ODM market segment, producing rotors for some of the largest brand names in the industry. But their Flagship model remains kept under their belt. With their production scale and their in-house manufacturing facility, Ashima has been able to produce extremely high quality products at very palatable prices, putting their products high up on our list of favorite upgrades.

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