All wheels are hand-built by the wheel-builders in our subsidiary arm - Elite Wheelworks.

Why Handbuilt?
In an industry where most operations are being mechanised, 
we choose to stay true to the art and tradition of building wheels by hand. 
It demands focus, a steady hand and a keen eye. 
Each precise turn emphasises the artistry, skill and effort expended in building the wheel. 
This process creates soul. 
While a costly and tedious operation, it remains, our pride and signature. 
Moreover, it forms an additional safety net for quality and allows us to personalise each wheel build according to the rider’s specification.

Our builders have years of collective experience, and are responsible for some of the world's most amazing wheel builds. Besides passion and experience, the company is heavily invested in the best tools and technology in the industry. 

In fact, Elite Wheelworks is the only LBS in Singapore to have both a P&K Lie Special250 Truing stand and a Philwood Spoke cutter, under one roof. 

German-made and designed P&K Lie special250 truing stand that allows us to read and build to gradations of 0.025mm


The Philwood Spoke Cutter allows us to manually size, cut and place a factory-quality thread on a spoke within a matter of seconds. 



Our wheel building service is charged at SGD 80 per wheel. The wheel building charge is solely for labour to spoke, true and dish a wheel. 

All wheel components are charged separately. 

To get a quotation, feel free to contact our customer support by email (info@elitecustom.sg) or by phone (+65 6256 2028).


Other relevant wheel services:

  • Spoke length calculation - SGD 40 
  • Spoke cutting - SGD 1 per spoke
  • Strip wheel - SGD 20
  • Glue Tubular - SGD 30 per wheel
  • Hub Servicing
  • Wheel Truing


Note: We reserve the right to refuse any wheel project that we feel, violates the safety of the rider or for any other reason.