Boo Bicycles

Boo Bicycles handcrafts bicycles using the finest bamboo in the world.  Our bamboo is so strong it is nicknamed ‘Iron Bamboo’ and is commonly used to build bridges and multi-story scaffolding locally in Vietnam, where we grow our bamboo ourselves on our private plantation.

Boo frames are built using a tube-to-tube construction method.  All tubes are hand-cut and chiseled to fit together perfectly in the jig before they are bound together with unidirectional carbon fiber.  Tubes are hollowed to a 3-5mm wall thickness (dependent on frame size and type) for weight savings and stiffness tuning.  The average Boo frame takes 40-50 hours of hand labor to construct.

Aluboo and Alubooyah frames are built using a lugged construction method.  Poles with a slightly-larger diameter than our aluminum lugs are selected.  The ends of these inserts are ‘turned down’ and textured for a nice, flush fit.  The frame is then assembled, and an aircraft-grade epoxy secures the ends of the bamboo inserts in place inside the aluminum lugs.

Boo handles all bamboo procurement in-house.  From managing our mature culms for new tube growth, to the harvest of mature poles (3 1/2 years old), to our extensive post-harvest treatment process to temper the bamboo and prepare it for use in our frames, our craftsman James has spent almost 20 years working with bamboo and refining our procurement process.  Like a fine whiskey, the raw inputs and aging process to produce high-quality bamboo are intensive and lengthy.  But if done properly, the rewards are great.  Don’t take our word for it though–ride a Boo or Aluboo today to find out for yourself.

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