Sapim Alu Polyax 14mm Nipples (14G)

Sapim Alu Polyax 14mm Nipples (14G)

SGD 0.60


Aluminum is the material of choice for higher performance. For this purpose, Sapim has chosen the highest aluminum grade possible (7075 T6) for this sort of usage.  It combines light weight, strength and corrosion resistance.  The anodized surface treatment provides various color possibilities.

We offer aluminum nipples in: silver, black, red, orange, gold, blue, green and purple.  Furthermore, Sapim ensures that aluminum nipples receive a special coating that reduce the friction.  The Sapim coating is a unique process that applies on the thread and the nipple surface. Friction between both spoke and nipple and rim and nipple are significantly reduced.

Coating also seals the surface reducing corrosion:

  • Silent, effective truing with no more squeaks
  • Virtually torsion free spokes
  • High tension wheels without problems
  • No over tight nipples on spoke threads
  • No more oily and dirty wheels
  • Just efficient dry working and clean hands
  • No unnecessary cleaning
  • Wheels are easier to true



The round shape of the head of the polyax nipples works like a ball-joint between the rim and the nipple ensuring a better spoke/nipple line. Polyax nipples are offerred in 12, 14, and 16 mm.


*Minimum order of 10 pcs. Failing which, the order will be cancelled.*