Enve SES RaceDay Tire

Enve SES RaceDay Tire

SGD 160.00 SGD 180.00 Save SGD 20.00

Introducing the fastest SES tire ever made, and one of the outright fastest on the market. The SES Race Day is what the name implies - a tire developed for the
days when you pin on the number and every second counts. With up to an 8.5 watt improvement in rolling resistance, and up to 75 grams of weight savings per tire over the standard SES, the Race Day is a game-changer. Featuring a nano-technology enhanced rubber compound, novel casing construction, and our aerodynamically optimized SES tread pattern and shape - these tires deliver. As a pure performance tire, the SES Race Day prioritizes speed over puncture resistance and longevity.


From the Curator:

"These tires took Victory at the Individual Time Trial - Stage 5 of the Tour du Rwanda. Where Pierre Latour of TotalEnergies rode his Enve Melee and bested 2nd and 3rd place by a margin of 34 and 35 seconds respectively.

An incredible lead, considering it was only a 13km Time Trial.

The RaceDay tires are in a tier of their own, in terms of weight

For reference, the Enve RaceDay Tires are

116grams lighter than a pair of GP5000 TT or
118grams lighter than a pair of Corsa Pro Speed.

As of time of writing, we've ridden just slightly more than 1,100km, safe to say these tires can handle 6 full Ironman races or 12 half Ironman races. So if used for race days, these should be good for at least 1-2 years of racing

Just SGD 35 more than the standard SES tires, they arent too pricy. And just a fraction of what Race Tubulars used to cost back in the day." 

Quick Compare - Weight

Tire Model Weight
Enve RaceDay 27mm 195g
Enve RaceDay 29mm 210g
TUFO Comtura Prima TR 28mm 235g
Enve SES Tubeless 27mm 252g
Continental GP5000 TT 28mm 253g
Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed 28mm 254g
Enve SES Tubeless 29mm 261g
Schwalbe Pro One Aero TLE 28mm (Avg F/R) 261g
Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport R 28mm 264g
Michelin Power Cup 28mm 283g
Continental GP5000 S TR 28mm 282g
Vittoria Corsa Pro 28mm 284g
Hutchinson Blackbird 28mm 286g
Vittoria Corsa N.Ext TLR 28mm 298g
Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR 28mm 310g
Goodyear Eagle F1 R TLC 28mm 310g
Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR SpeedCore 28mm 314g
Continental GP5000 AS TR 28mm 345g


Measured Tire Widths (tire size changes with inner rim width.)

Inner Rim Width  27c 29c
19mm 26mm 28mm
21mm 27mm 29mm
23mm 28mm 30mm
25mm 29mm 31mm

Tire Pressure Range
27c - 50-85 psi
29c - 40-80psi

<Tech notes>

Tire Installation:

Some set ups might be tighter than others as different tire manufacturers have different standards, but in general there is a technique to it.

Tip 1)
If you look at the rim, you’ll notice there is a channel in the center. (Drop center channel)
This is where the diameter of the rim is smallest.
Ensure that the tire bead is always in this channel while installing.

Tip 2)
Start opposite the valve, and end at the valve.

Here is a video, skip to 14mins.
The Enve tires can go on without any tools, but you’ll still need to follow the technique above.

Enve tires went on in about 2 mins.

Tubeless Sealant:

Best Sealants in our opinion are TUFO, Joe's and Orange Seal, in this order.
We recommend avoiding all ammonia based sealants, some common ones are Muc-Off and Stans. 


Note: Tires sold Individually.