TUFO Tyre Sealant

TUFO Tyre Sealant

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New product for TUFO tubeless ready tyres installation and prevention of flats. 

Accessories Included: Valve tool (Valve core remover)

Available in 50ml, 220ml and 1000ml.

<From the Curator>

"Different tires have different compounds, and different sealants have different chemical formulas, with an infinite number of tire/sealant permutations, the efficacies are somewhat unpredictable. 

We've tested many types of sealants with the Enve SES Tires over a period of 3 years and found a number of sealants that worked well, but some stood out, namely TUFO SealantJoe's NoFlats and Orange Seal."

Pro Tip

Dont dispose of the small 50ml bottle when empty. 

- It has a really good nozzle that feeds sealant through the valve without creating a mess. 

- It can be used as a measuring tool, if you decide to purchase the more economical 1000ml bottle and share it amongst friends.

- You can refill it and bring with you on rides, in case of an emergency. 

- Don't forget the valve tool, or consider the Enve Valve tool that threads on, adding valve core protection and Enve Flare! 

<Tech Notes>

Recommended Sealant Volume (per tyre)

Tyre Volume
Road 50ml
Gravel 75ml
Mountain  100ml

Store between range 5 to 25 DegC

Change Frequency:
- Every 3 months
- When pressure decreases too quickly
- When puncture wont seal

- Shake Well
- Rotate wheel valve at 4 o'clock position
- Remove valve core from stem
- Insert the applicator into the valve stem and squeeze appropriate amount of sealant in. 

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