TUFO Tyre Carbon Sealant - Instant Repair

TUFO Tyre Carbon Sealant - Instant Repair

SGD 15.00 SGD 20.00 Save SGD 5.00

New highly effective product for instant repair of flats of all tubulars and tubeless ready tyres. It can be used ONLY after getting a flat

Application can be done easily, through the valve stem.
The sealant is capable of sealing holes up to 6mm in size.
Each 50ml bottle is sufficient for 1-2 repairs

This product is one we like to keep in our saddle bag, especially on race day, important event or tour

Accessories Included: Valve tool (Valve core remover)

Available in 50ml only. 

Colour Purpose When to use
Pink Tubeless Ready Installation Installation / Top up
Yellow Prevention / Tubular Repair Pre-race / Repair
Black Instant Repair After a flat


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