E.22 Warranty / FAQ

Product Warranty

All E.22 rims are covered for one year against manufacturing and material defects from the date of original purchase. (Proof of purchase required, and only applicable to first owner.)

Warranty does not cover wear-&-tear, modified, misplaced, misused, improperly maintained, improperly built or installed product. 



Q: What about warranty coverage on the other wheelset components? ie. hubs, spokes etc

A: Other wheelset components are covered by their respectively manufacturers. You can read more about the various warranty coverage on their respective websites. ie. Chris King covers their hubs for 5 years etc. 

Q: What is the Black brake track for? 

A: Purely Aesthetic, but 100% functional. It was initially designed for track and fixed gear riders with little or no intention of utilizing the brake track. It would also appeal to those who might want a pair of road-disc or cross-disc clinchers. That said, they seem to be gaining popularity with the roadies, as the market trends towards alloy rims that are black and stealthy. 

Q: Is the Black brake track ceramic?

A: No, we've worked on and tested a number of ceramic brake tracks, but they always chipped and they ultimately resulted in unwanted pulsation and rough braking. Instead, the surface of our brake track is hard anodised. 

Q: Will braking remove the Black brake track?

A: Friction from braking removes material from the surface, even on the CNC-ed Silver variant. However, since only the surface is Black , the wear-and-tear is more noticeable as it turns to silver.

Q: Do I need to use special brake pads? 

A: It is not absolutely necessary, but softer pads would preserve the Black coating for a slightly longer period. Pads from Swiss-Stop and Kool Stop work best in this application, whilst Shimano pads wear the brake track much quicker.

Users are also advised to use new brake pads as old brake pads would contain shards of metal that would accelerate wear-and-tear on the brake tracks. Hard braking in wet weather would also attribute to additional friction and premature wear-and-tear.  

Q: Are E.22 wheelsets handbuilt or machine built? 

A: All E.22 wheelsets sold on this website are handbuilt by Elite Wheelworks. While this means we do not have ready-stock on hand, it allows us to tailor certain properties to optimise performance of the wheelset to suit the goals and needs of our client, instead of selling a wheel that was built to fit the masses.