ENVE MTB Fork (Boost)

ENVE MTB Fork (Boost)

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Modern Simplicity
The trusted fork for those who have decided to forgo suspension in favor of a lightweight, rigid mountain bike setup.  

• Application: XC, Trail, Bikepacking
• Weight: 719g with Fender, 676g with Clasps
• 29 x 3.0” Tire Clearance with Fender
• Reversible Axle Chips for 44mm or 52mm Rake
• Multiple Accessory Mount on Boost Axle Version
• Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty

Product Specs

Boost (15x110mm) Non-Boost (15x100mm)
Material Carbon Carbon
Accessory Mounts Yes No
Weight 719g with Fender, 676g (w/ clasps) 711g (w/ fender), 686g (w/ clasps)
Travel Correction 120mm (Compatible with frames designed around 100mm-140mm Travel Forks) 100mm (Compatible with frames designed around 80mm-120mm Travel Forks)
Steerer Tube Length 300mm 300mm
Rake Adjustable - 44mm, 52mm Adjustable - 44mm, 52mm
Axle To Crown 490mm - 44mm Rake Position
492mm - 52mm Rake Position
470mm - 44mm Rake Position
472mm in 52mm Rake Position
Brake Disc Disc
Brake Mount Post Mount Post Mount
Axle Compatibility 15 x 110mm 15 x 100mm
Max Rotor Size 180mm 180mm
Max Tire Clearance 29 x 3.0” with Fender 29 x 3.0” with Fender
Crown Race Diameter 1.5” 1.5”
Torque Spec: Steerer Tube 5.5 Nm 5.5 Nm
Torque Spec: Axle 8 Nm 8 Nm