ENVE MTB Fork (Boost)

ENVE MTB Fork (Boost)

SGD 1,000.00 SGD 1,100.00 Save SGD 100.00

Modern Simplicity
The trusted fork for those who have decided to forgo suspension in favor of a lightweight, rigid mountain bike setup.  

• Application: XC, Trail, Bikepacking
• Weight: 719g with Fender, 676g with Clasps
• 29 x 3.0” Tire Clearance with Fender
• Reversible Axle Chips for 44mm or 52mm Rake
• Multiple Accessory Mount on Boost Axle Version
• Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty

Product Specs

Boost (15x110mm) Non-Boost (15x100mm)
Material Carbon Carbon
Accessory Mounts Yes No
Weight 719g with Fender, 676g (w/ clasps) 711g (w/ fender), 686g (w/ clasps)
Travel Correction 120mm (Compatible with frames designed around 100mm-140mm Travel Forks) 100mm (Compatible with frames designed around 80mm-120mm Travel Forks)
Steerer Tube Length 300mm 300mm
Rake Adjustable - 44mm, 52mm Adjustable - 44mm, 52mm
Axle To Crown 490mm - 44mm Rake Position
492mm - 52mm Rake Position
470mm - 44mm Rake Position
472mm in 52mm Rake Position
Brake Disc Disc
Brake Mount Post Mount Post Mount
Axle Compatibility 15 x 110mm 15 x 100mm
Max Rotor Size 180mm 180mm
Max Tire Clearance 29 x 3.0” with Fender 29 x 3.0” with Fender
Crown Race Diameter 1.5” 1.5”
Torque Spec: Steerer Tube 5.5 Nm 5.5 Nm
Torque Spec: Axle 8 Nm 8 Nm