Ashima Disc Caliper Adaptor (For Flat Mount)

Ashima Disc Caliper Adaptor (For Flat Mount)

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Ashima Disc Caliper Adapters are a quick and simple way to utilize larger rotors on your Flat Mount frame or fork.

As with their rotor line of products, Ashima uses high precision machining to ensure proper fit and tolerance for proper alignment. Spacers are made from aircraft grade 6061 alloy for strength and to keep weight down to a minimum and anodized for product longevity.


Part: Converts: Part Ref:
Front Caliper Adaptor (Fork)
140 / 160mm
Rear Caliper AdaptorĀ  (Frame) 160mm



Ashima is the most advanced company in Rotor design, technology and manufacturing. As a testimony to their R&D, they own more than 300 patents world wide.

They are no stranger to the weightweenie community and are most renown for:

"The World's Lightest Two-Piece Rotor" - Ashima AiNeon

"The World's Lightest One-Piece Rotor" - Ashima Ai2

Behind the scenes, Ashima is huge in the OEM/ODM market segment, producing rotors for some of the largest brand names in the industry. But their Flagship model remains kept under their belt. With their production scale and their in-house manufacturing facility, Ashima has been able to produce extremely high quality products at very palatable prices, putting their products high up on our list of favorite upgrades.

Elite Custom Singapore is the official South East Asian distributor for Ashima.
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