ISM Saddle Dimensions

This page includes measurements for all ISM Performance saddles.  If you compare our saddles to a traditional-style bike seat, keep in mind that ISM has eliminated the nose of the seat (putting the front of our saddle 2-3 inches, or 5-8 centimeters behind the nose of a traditional seat). 

For more information, please see: ISM Set Up Guide

Our measurements are taken from actual production saddles, using a highly standardized process and precision equipment.  Like all manufactured products, there is a tolerance window to which the factory must adhere.  While we are committed to strict quality control, we cannot guarantee that your saddle or method of measuring will exactly match our listed dimensions.  Also note that saddle padding and cover materials are affected by heat, cold, and compression from a rider's body.

*All measurements taken with the saddle clamped into a seat post and fully tightened.