Speedsleev Original Speedsleev

Speedsleev Original Speedsleev

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The Original Speedsleev  tube wrap was born on the Mountain Bike and Triathlon race course.  Invented by athletes as faster way to access items while on the bike where time and safety mattered most.

The original Speedleev is offered in two sizes.  One size will fit top tube, stem and Lefty fork applications where the second one will fit seat posts and smaller tubed bikes frames.

The Speedsleev is as versatile as you can make it, from holding gels or energy bars to multi tools and lighting system batteries, the possibility’s are endless.  The speedsleev has been purchased by many Pro Athletes to help them gain that little extra bit of time during competition that can be the deciding factor between making the podium.

The Original Speedsleev has been licensed by Cannondale Bicycle Corporation.