Chris King ISO AB Boost (6 Bolt)

Chris King ISO AB Boost (6 Bolt)

SGD 1,340.00 SGD 1,600.00 Save SGD 260.00

Chris King has brought their ISO Boost hubs back to production for 2023.

<Hub Spec>
ISO Boost 6B Front Hub (TA15x110)
ISO Boost 6B Rear Hub (TA148x12)

- XD

- Microspline

- 32/32H
- 28/28H

We are an authorized Chris King Distributor. CK Components purchased from our platform are covered by the King lifetime manufacturer warranty.


The Boost 6-Bolt is specifically for “Boost” disc spacing forks with Boost axles. Using the larger diameter hubshell bearing the Boost 6-Bolt is designed to tackle rough terrain and aggressive riding such as downhill and enduro. In an evolving landscape of axle specifications, we are confident that the “Boost” disc location is here to stay. 

Chris King Boost 6-Bolt hubs are designed as precision mountain tools. We use one-piece axles to provide a stiff hub with rail accurate steering, transferring every minute adjustment you make to the trail. To thwart mud, water, and contaminants as you power through rough trails, Boost hubs have heavy-duty bearing seals and snaprings, that provide superior protection with ultra low drag.

Our bearings, available in steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously, with tools of equal wear to ensure perfectly matched inner and outer races. The quality and speed of our bearings is what sets us apart from the competition and they are what you will feel and notice on every single ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they get faster with age and all our hubs and bearings are fully serviceable for years upon years of demanding use.

The patented Chris King RingDrive with 72-points of simultaneous-engagement will get your power to the ground fast, provide unmatched engagement, and give you that legendary Chris King angry-bee sound.

Made in the USA.
Lifetime King Warranty.