Chris King ARD44 Wheelset

Chris King ARD44 Wheelset

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Why We Make This

We understand what makes wheels fast. The keys are fast bearings, power transfer, and a rim that absorbs road chatter and holds its line. When we began working with FusionFiber®, the revolutionary thermoplastic carbon fiber in our rims, its ability to eat road noise and stay planted suggested it could be part of a super high-performance wheel build. We make the ARD44 because we think it’s the best a road wheel can be, and that’s the idea, the kind of product, that makes us want to ride further, longer and faster. 

Why You Want It

The ARD44 is designed for serious cyclists who want all-out speed on flats, climbs and through corners. It’s an aero wheel that shines across a wide range of terrain, from smooth pavement to rough gravel roads. Built to surpass even the most rigorous industry standards, the ARD44 Wheelset is built around King’s industry-leading R45D hub and an aero-profiled, 44mm deep FusionFiber® rim. The combination delivers unparalleled power transfer, speed, and stability.  

King’s R45D hub serves as the perfect core for this wheelset, with their superior, house-made bearings, perfectly matched races, and single-piece axles. The R45D’s flanges are optimized for lateral stiffness and durability. The final piece is Chris King's unparalleled RingDrive™ system, which maximizes engagement throughout the pedal stroke by providing 45 points of simultaneous engagement. King’s reputation throughout the industry is built on bearings that wear in, not out coupled to RingDrive’s™ high engagement super-efficient core.  

The ARD44’s rim produces a stable, responsive and nimble ride while reducing bodily fatigue and strain on the rider, due to the superior damping attributes of FusionFiber’s® thermoplastic technology. It effectively minimizes unnecessary road feedback and vibrations, resulting in better traction and a smooth, comfortable ride that will keep riders fresher, longer, and make the next day’s ride easier too.  

  • Aerodynamically tailored for 28mm-30mm tire See Tire Compatibility
  • 25mm internal width and 30.5mm external width accommodate a broad range of tire sizes generally up to 47mm.  
  • Hookless, tubeless rim design simplifies installation and maintenance while optimizing the interface between the tire and rim bed. 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Hubs Made in our Portland, OR factory
  • Rims Made in Utah
  • Hubs available in all current Chris King colors 






Lifetime warranty. You hear about it, but it can mean a lot of different things, especially when you get into the fine print. So, this is how it works with our new Chris King Fusion Fiber rims. 

1. Shop online while you're bored at work to find the perfect set of carbon wheels.2. Decide that the new Chris King wheels (with a Lifetime Warranty) are the way to go!3. Pick them up from your local Chris King Dealer.4. Get the wheels, ride wheels, love wheels.5. In the unlikely event they get damaged because you’re just too gnarly, contact your local Chris King Dealer or email info at We’ll send an RA # and shipping label to send us back the wheel.6. Once we receive it, we will rebuild your wheel with a brand new, box fresh rim and give your hub a proper once over to make sure it is in tip top shape (free of charge, of course).7. We ship your wheel back to you so you can get back to having fun on your bike and ship the broken rim off to be recycled.

There it is in black and white: free shipping both ways, a hub tune up, and prioritized rebuild scheduling. We know it’s a big investment and we want to keep you on your bike and stoked on your purchase, for life.

Fun Facts;

Manufacturing process;
* ZERO waste or scrap
* ZERO carbon dust
* ZERO emissions
* Uses 1/3 electricity per part compared to traditional composite parts
* 50% increase in damping properties
* 100% Recyclable

These wheels will last forever, and in the event they do break, we have a recycling path for them that will keep them out of the landfill. 


BikeRumor Visits King and Reviews Our ARD44 Wheels

Bennet Shane from BikeRumor came to see us and wrote all about it.

“I came away from this tour with a new appreciation of the phrase “You get what you pay for”. What you’re paying for when buying a Chris King component is an uncompromising commitment to precision in manufacturing and employee care. The operation struck me as being efficient by way of patience and forethought, not by frantically paced output that burns people out. Even with the use of incredibly powerful machinery, this factory moves at a deliberate and methodical pace. The lean crew of workers is super focused, performing repetitive tasks as though it were a surgical procedure. Everyone seems happy to be there and is genuinely friendly and interested in discussing what they’re doing.“

He also reviewed our ARD44 wheels:

“Aside from buttery ride quality, the other arresting feature of the AR44D is its unwavering stability. In the context of deep-section carbon wheels, “stability” is typically associated with a rim’s ability to cope with hectoring crosswinds.…In varying wind conditions, King’s ARD44 rim is the most stable-feeling rim deeper than 30mm that I have ever tested. The ARD44 simply does not wobble or experience any lateral pulling or pushing as they cut a path through gusty conditions. Maneuvering stability is also top-notch, bringing new levels of confidence and control to technical descents on less-than-ideal pavement and gravel. “

Obviously, it’s gratifying to host someone who understands what we’re trying to do, sees the steps we’ve taken to achieve those goals, and articulates it better, in some cases, than we can ourselves.