Turn by Praxis

TURN evolved from our sister brand, Praxis Works, a drivetrain focused company known for its superb shifting Cold Forged chainrings , and its highly sought-after Conversion bottom bracket. Over the years of hard work building and developing Praxis, TURN organically came to fruition from our customers repeatedly requesting a full crankset that utilized the Praxis rings and BB systems. 

So, with our in depth knowledge of drivetrains and demand from the cycling world, our team listened and set forth on a new crank project : TURN.

With this initial offering, we’ve integrated the well known Praxis forged chain rings and M30 BB system with the brand new TURN hollow forged cranks. The aim of this collaboration is to bring a very high level of quality and compatibility to the discerning cycling public, and to set things in motion for more creative and unique drivetrain options in the future.

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