Tubolito TUBO FOLDING 16-inch (Ideal for Brompton Bikes)

Tubolito TUBO FOLDING 16-inch (Ideal for Brompton Bikes)

SGD 50.00 SGD 53.50 Save SGD 3.50

From the Curator:

"If you'd like to shed rotational weight with a budget, prioritize this over spending a few hundred bucks upgrading your wheels. For under SGD 100, this will be the most cost-effective way to shed 148 grams of rotational weight and it takes just 5-10 mins to install at home."


Quick Compare

Brand / Model Actual Weight (1pc)
Actual Weight (Pair)
Tubolito 16" SV
34g 68g
Tubolito 16" AV
43g 86g
Schwalbe 16" AV 86g 172g
Kenda 16" AV 97g 194g
CST 16" AV 104g 208g
Brompton Stock Tube 108g 216g


Prompt weight savings: using Tubo-Folding Bike in 16” wheels can make folding bikes instantly lighter, so they can be carried along easier. Suitable for Brompton bicycles!

  • Ideal for Brompton bikes
  • Fold and carry with ease
  • Small ecological footprint
  • Less resource intensive production than standard tubes
  • 2x Stronger than Butyl inner tubes
  • Better air retention than Butyl inner tubes
  • Made in Austria
<Tech Notes>

Width: 1 1/8" – 1 3/8"