Aican Bungarus Link Cables

AICAN Bungarus-Link

SGD 120.00 SGD 127.50 Save SGD 27.50

From the Curator:

"We've seen many weightweenie enthusiasts pay hundreds of dollars to swap tiny 3cm steel bolts to alu or titanium, but fail to address the elephant in the room - the 3 meters of steel cables and housing on their bikes.

Enter - AICAN Bungarus-Link.

Weighing in at only 17.5g / meter, these are some of the lightest cable housings on the market. For reference, the Aican Bungarus-Link, brake cable sets are 66% lighter than Shimano brake cable sets, and present a weight saving of 80grams, for a mere Sgd 100. - Lets not forget the Shifter cables.

The Bungarus cable set upgrade ranks highly on cost-to-weight savings. As a bonus, they are available in a variety of anodized colours to match your favorite parts.

As if the pros are not enough, Bungarus cable sets are packaged with AICAN's DLC derailleur cables, an incredibly high performance cable with low friction and long service life. The nano coating used on these stainless steel cables is far more durable than a traditional Teflon coating, and prevents the balling up issues that occurs with other low-friction coatings as they wear off."


 Brand   Shift   Brake   Total Weight 
Bungarus 38 g 40.1 g 78.1 g
Alligator I-Link 37.5 g 57.4 g 102 g
Ashima Reaction   60.2 g 101 g 131.4 g
Shimano 55.5 g 120 g 147.3 g
Campagnolo 56 g 110 g 151.1 g


Bungarus-Link, Shift set

1 set : 180cm Alloy wire, 2 New Nano inner cable, spare parts
wire weight: 18g / 1M


Bungarus-Link, Brake set

1 set : 150cm Alloy wire, 2 New Nano inner cable, spare parts
wire weight: 18g / 1M

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Seller Notes:
Housing is the same for both Shifter set and Brake set.
So you could potentially get 2 colours to Mix n Match too.
Difference in price is due the length and cable type.
Brake set is 150cm, Shifter set is 180cm.

 Compatible with Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo shifters

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