YBN SLA211 Ti-N Chain - Worlds Lightest Chain

YBN SLA211 Ti-N Chain - Worlds Lightest Chain

SLA211 Silver
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World's Lightest Chain

Color: Ti-N Gold, NP Silver/Roller:Ti-N Gold
Spec.: 1/2”x11/128”
Speed of sprocket: 11
Pin Length: 5.5mm
Weight: 207grams/106L

As one of the leading chain manufacturers, to create the best chain is an endless mission. YBN Chain keeps trying to achieve. With up-to-date  manufacturing technology and professional metal processing knowledge, YBN proudly announced its Titanium Chains are the world's lightest chain. Comparing with normal bicycle chain. YBN Titanium Chain Series reduce more than 30% weight.

After long-period testing by the major clients, the results where very impressed and remarkable. The Titanium Chain Series are made of Titanium Material, and also are processed with Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating ,SLA Superior Lubricating Aid and DHA lightest Chromium Carbide Hardened Treatment. All of these production procedures made the Titanium Chain Series not only the lightest chains but the best chains.

Extremely lightweight, Outstanding Durability, Smooth Shifting and Noiseless are the main characters of YBN Titanium Chain. Its Outstanding Durability is about 6000Km~8000Km and the Lifetime is twice as long as normal chain.

 Chain Life:


Titanium Worlds Lightest Chain. Made in Titanium.
Ti-N Coating Titanium Nitride Coating aids in maximum chain life under all circumstances. 
SLA Superior Lubricating Aid A special Ni-PFTE coating on the chain plate decreases friction and increases chain life by 100%
SL+ A laser cut away section on the outer and inner plate for additional weight savings without affecting durability and performance.
Circle Riverting Extremely resistant pin
Hollow Pin A solid tube with 20% weight savings over traditional pins, with no loss in strength. 
DHA Chromium Carbide Pin & Roller A chromium roller, coated with a special chromium carbide layer.
DHA Pin A chromium harden pin coated in chromium carbide
Bushing Less New technology that aids in smooth shifting and eliminates binding
Inner Chamfer Prevents chain drop caused by back pedaling
Outer Chamfer Reduces friction during upshifting by 80%