YBN SLA110 Ti-N Chain

YBN SLA110 Ti-N Chain

SLA110 Ti-N Black
SGD 130.00 SGD 139.10 Save SGD 9.10
Color: Ti-N Black, Ti-N Gold, NP Silver
Spec.: 1/2”x11/128”
Speed of sprocket: 11
Pin Length: 5.5mm

Weight: 232grams/110L

SLA Supeior Lubricating Aid series

YBN took two years to explore the Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating, and made the "SLA" Superior Lubricating Aid series. Less Friction, Smooth, Noiseless and Easy cleaning are the main characteristics of SLA chain series. The Durability of the SLA series are upgraded 200% by these characteristics. SLA Superior Lubricating Aid series no need to grease heavily, slightly greased after cycling will be fine.

Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment

YBN has been using the DHA Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment to increase the hardness of chain pins. Excellent performance can be expected even in adverse conditions, including the presence of abrasive contaminants. Furthermore, DHA pins is also anti-rust. DHA Chromium Carbide Surface hardened pins are able to prolong 100% of lifetime. The chains are not prolonged easily

 Chain Life:

SLA Superior Lubricating Aid A special Ni-PFTE coating on the chain plate decreases friction and increases chain life by 100%
SL+ A laser cut away section on the outer and inner plate for additional weight savings without affecting durability and performance.
Circle Riverting Extremely resistant pin
Hollow Pin A solid tube with 20% weight savings over traditional pins, with no loss in strength. 
DHA Chromium Carbide Pin & Roller A chromium roller, coated with a special chromium carbide layer.
DHA Pin A chromium harden pin coated in chromium carbide
Bushing Less New technology that aids in smooth shifting and eliminates binding
Inner Chamfer Prevents chain drop caused by back pedaling
Outer Chamfer Reduces friction during upshifting by 80%