TorHans Aero Bento

TorHans Aero Bento

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The AERO BENTO represents the leading edge of aerodynamic frame mounted nutrition carriers.

Easy access to race nutrition is critical. But so is aerodynamic efficiency. And until now, these two important elements were mutually exclusive. Enter the new TorHans® AeroBento™. Designed, engineered and aerodynamically optimized in CAD and CFD, the AeroBento™ is the first hard-sided, soft-topped, “reach & grab” nutrition carrier on the market. Designed to hold 4 to 5 energy gels in an invisible to the wind carrier, the TorHans® AeroBento™ is leading the way in aerodynamic inventiveness.


AeroBento™ Storage System

Moulded rubber EZ Reach™ Access Cover
Mounts on frame using Boss Mounts

Volume: 15in3 (245cm3)
Dimensions: L: 7.5" x W: 1.6" (19cm x 4 cm)