SZENT by Elite Frameworks

SZENT by Elite Frameworks

SGD 3,460.00

SZENT - A race frame for the purist, made to punish and deliver.

Material: Sc-Al

The SZENT is constructed from Scandium alloy tubesets which allow us to create a frame with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. Scandium-reinforced aluminium alloys are much stronger than other high-strength alloys. On top of that, they have superior resistance to corrosion which is important for any work horse in our humid climate. 

The addition of Scandium to Aluminium increases thermal stability. It limits the grain growth that occurs in the heat-affected zones of welded Al components. With Scandium, the Al-Al3Sc eutectic reaction takes place at an unusually high temperature. This high solidification temperature improves heterogeneous nucleation of grains and this grain refinement strengthens welds significantly and eliminates solidification cracking in welds, also known as hot cracking. Without the addition of Scandium, weldability of most of the highest strength Al alloys would be impossible. 

Perhaps a more important aspect of the greater thermal stability of the Al3Sc lies in its effectiveness at reducing recrystallization. Alloys that are heavily cold worked (like extruded tubes of bike frames) contain sufficient stored energy to cause recrystallization which results in substantial strength loss. While other thin-walled alloy tubesets succumb to loss of strength due to this softening effect. Scandium shines as the material of choice as it allows us to create thin-walled tubesets that retains its strength while being extremely light in weight. 

Tubes shapes: Round classic tubing.

Bottom Bracket: BSA, English Threaded.

Shifters Routing: External, mechanical only. 

Brakes Routing: External.

Geometry: Odd sizes, SuperCompact.

Frameset Module includes: 

  • Chris King NoThread Headset - 1 1/8"
  • Enve 2.0 Road Fork - 1 1/8"
  • Thomson Seatpost Collar - 31.8mm
  • Thomson Carbon Road Dropbar
  • Thomson X2 Stem
  • Thomson Elite Seatpost