Dark Deal: Praxis C32 MOUNTAIN WHEELS

Dark Deal: Praxis C32 MOUNTAIN WHEELS

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Imagine how a bike mechanic would build their own set of wheels:  strong, stable, responsive, & serviceable.

Now, imagine that mechanic was also an engineer with the ability to design their own custom rim.  Imagine the most trusted name in hubs, DT Swiss, was able to perfectly match their product to that rim.

We’ve designed, studied, tested, built, and ridden what we’re ready to call our new Praxis Wheels.

Praxis wheels come from decades of experience riding, racing, & wrenching on two wheels, along with our daily riding in Santa Cruz, California. We wanted a wheel which offered the benefits of modern materials and design, while using time tested technology. Like our other innovative drivetrain elements, Praxis wheels let your bike do the work, and let you have the fun.



As technology pushes the limits of our equipment, the lines between DH, Trail, CX, and XC are blurring.

Our team set out to create rims which match the pace of development.  These rims have ‘broad shoulders’ to support the wider tires popular in every discipline, giving you more support at the lower pressures tubeless tires allow. Combining those factors adds up to more control through the roughest terrain.  Hookless carbon beads create a more resilient structure, at a reduced weight.

Stiffer, stronger, and ready to explore new trails.  We studied a wide range of rim offsets, and determined a 3mm offset yielded a more stable wheel, without sacrificing rim design and strength.  Praxis rims are designed to work with tubeless tires, and come pre-taped with valve stems installed.   You’ll only need a floor-pump to ‘pop’-and-play.



Cliché as it may be, hubs really are at the center of your riding experience.

Hubs harness your power  and maintain your speed, operating precisely while under extreme stress. Perfectly aligned rotor mounts and axle hardware is imperative for smooth, quiet braking – hardly a minor detail.

All Praxis wheels use DT Swiss hubs, which set the bar for dependability and performance.

Our Praxis by DT Swiss hubs are tailored to our lacing pattern, using DT Swiss 350 hub internals, and feature an upgraded 36 tooth Star Ratchet system from the box.  DT products are supported throughout the world, so you can easily get parts to service or adapt your hub wherever you call home.



One amazing thing about bikes is that they can be customized to every rider, with an endless array of options. Choosing the right combination of elements yields the best possible machine.

While our wheels use standard elements, each is carefully selected to provide optimum performance.

This curated assembly allows them to be tuned and serviced over a lifetime of use, rather than rendered obsolete.

Praxis believes in products that give riders confidence, so they know their equipment will stand up when they throw down.



  • TRAIL / All Mountain  |  29″
  • CARBON RIM | 32mm Int. Width | 38mm Ext. Width
  • 3mm offset Asymmetrical spoke bed for even spoke tension
  • Praxis by DTSwiss 350 Front and Rear 32H / DT Swiss 36 Star Ratchet freehub
  • 15×100 / 142mm axle kit.  Can be updated with DT Swiss 350 axle kit
  • Tubeless ready with bead lock
  • Easy to mount tubeless tires with floor pump
  • J-Bend spokes / External Alloy nipples for easy service
  • Rim strip, valve core, and spare service spokes included.


  • Hookless rim design
  • Bead lock
  • Praxis designed hub shell with DT350 internals with 36 Star Ratchet freehub


SHIMANO — Available Shimano 10/11speed MTB Freehub version.
SRAM — Available SRAM XD Driver 11speed MTB Freehub version.

This hub shell is a custom designed Praxis hub shell with specially designed flanges for this spoke lacing pattern.  The internals are all stock DTSwiss 350.  Any DTSwiss axle kit, bearing kit can be used for service.


Praxis Works warrants components to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years after original purchase. However, there are limitations as “nothing lasts forever” so please read our Warranty page for details.


*This product ships to Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam & Indonesia. 
*If your location is not listed above, check if there is a Distributor in your country here.
*If there is no distributor in your country, we might be able to ship to you, just contact us for more information.