Parlee Carbon Seatpost

Parlee Carbon Seatpost

SGD 525.00

Offering the best possible ergonomics, precision handling and component interface on the market today. We have spent thousands of hours in the saddle, at the computer and the work bench perfecting our new handle bar, stem and seat post. These components are designed and built with the same commitment to function, form and durability that all PARLEE products benefit from.


Remarkable looks are just the beginning. Beneath the stunning exteriors of our new bar, stem and seat posts you will find the renowned Parlee DNA. Let our innovative designs help dial in your ride for greater comfort and performance.

Seat post specifics

Our new seat post is as comfortable as it is elegant, having been tuned for the perfect amount flex through the head and shaft.  This equates to a quiet, comfortable ride that will smooth out the roughest roads.  The head design uses carbon rail clamps, alloy washers and high strength stainless bolts.  It is extremely easy to load and adjust the saddle. Our posts are compatible with both metal and carbon railed saddles without the use of extra hardware.

Sizes Available – 31.6mm - 0mm offset and 31.6mm - 25mm offset (Fits Z4,Z5, Z5i, Z5 SLi, Z-Zero, Z-Zero XD, Z-Zero DISC, Altum, Altum R, Altum DISC and Chebacco models)

Details - Carbon Fiber shaft and head parts/Stainless Fasteners - Compatible with alloy and carbon rail saddles - 190grams - 395mm length