P&K Lie Truing Stand Special250 with 0.025mm gauges

P&K Lie Truing Stand Special250 with 0.025mm gauges

SGD 3,010.00

Truing stand

• High-quality processed

• All turning and milling parts

• All aluminium- and brass parts solid

• All screws out of stainless steel

• Rim width up to 110 mm

• Wheel diameter up to 768 mm

• High stability with minimum weight

• Total weight 9.2 Kg

• Space-saving and transportable

• Fastening with screws, clamp or free-standing with holder  ( accessory)

• Maintenance-free

• All adjustments out of brass, therefore no displacement of the

  adjusted position

• Push holder for exact position of the truing gauges


Perfect setting for the hub width

• Hub width from 69 mm up to 205 mm ( Fatbike )

• Stable double guiding for setting the hub width

• Setting the hub width on axle-height and only from one side, therefore no-play setting and without pressure on the axle position

• The position of the wheel stays constant at unclamping and clamping 

• Special manufactured locking screws out of brass



From P&K Lie patented axle clamping 

• Three-point bearing for absolutely constant axle position

• For axle diameter up to 16 mm

• For thru-axle you must use an adapter

• No damage of the axle because of brass

• No relocation of the axle position

• Highest repeatability at wheel change

• Only with exact axle clamping it is possible to work accurate

• The eccentricity of the wheel axle can be measured out before truing so that it doesn’t have any influence on the center measuring.



From P&K Lie developed sensor

• Easy to put in and take out the wheel because the sensor can be locked 

• Precision needle bearing for scanning the rim

• Precise scanning of the lateral and radial run out

• No damage of the rim

• Every type of rim can be scanned

• Large movements of the rim is possible with the needle bearing

• Knurled nut for fine adjustment of the truing gauges




From P&K Lie developed adjuster 

• Easy to adjust for different wheel diameter

• Solid brass

• Precise positioning

• Special handle screw made of solid brass


One truing stand for all wheel sizes
Normal-setting for racing-bikes, MTB and city-bikes etc. 
For BMX and very small wheels there are two more adjustments



Quick adjustment for truing with tire