ISM Saddle Demo Program

ISM Saddle Demo Program

SGD 30.00

There are too many ISM Models, and you don't know which one is going to fit you best.

No problem! Try before you buy!

We offer a range of Demo saddles: 

Each Demo rental is SGD 30, per saddle for a maximum loan period of 14 days. 

If you decide to purchase the saddle upon return, the initial SGD 30 will be credited into the price of the saddle.

Note: All demo saddles have either a distinct Black and Green OR Black and Blue colour scheme. They feature satin steel rails. Demo saddles are NOT for sale. 

The video below explains how your body interacts with ISM Saddles to eliminate numbness and offer the best possible comfort and performance. It also explains why these saddles have a unique setup compared to traditional seats. 



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