ISM PN 3.0

ISM PN 3.0

SGD 345.00 SGD 369.15 Save SGD 24.15

The PN 3.0 is new for 2017. 

The new PN chassis debuted at Eurobike '16, but the saddle was still under development at that point in time.

The first finished product was revealed at the 2017 Taipei Bike show.

Having picked up the saddle, I remember asking Dave Bunce of ISM,

- 'Is this the finished product?' (not believing what I was feeling in my hands)

- 'Yes', he exclaimed

He watched as I turned to my partner, as we both grinned, and started nodding in agreement, through the silence - this was it. This is the saddle that everyone is going to want, even those who already own an ISM. 

It features the long, tapered, narrow style chassis, that had seen its success with the Attack (Best in Class '2013) and then its derivative, the PN1.0.

The PN 3.0 also incorporates the larger and longer cut-out style that you see on the PN 2.1 (Best in Class '2016) Which runs all the way to the rear of the saddle. 

Its been built from the best ISM had to offer, but comfort aside, this ISM is vastly different, and it will seal the deal for many with its weight. It comes in at about 250-253g! (about 25% lighter than the Attack / PN1.0) 

It also happens to cost about 20% less than the PN1.0. 

The PN 3.0 saddles have reached Singapore shores, and we are the first country in the World to have the PN 3.0 saddles! (Yes, even before ISM themselves!) Get yours today! 


This saddle is not recommended for cyclists who ride with a high seat position or those who ride very forward on the extreme front of the saddle (the front arms or the nose of a traditional saddle). The recommended seat height for these saddles calls for a 32-37 degree knee bend for the rider. If you ride with a minimal bend or a straight leg a different ISM saddle is recommended for you.