ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Wheelset

ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Wheelset

SGD 3,850.00 SGD 4,119.50 Save SGD 269.50


"The ENVE’s were a full 10 seconds faster than the Zipps over our ten mile test.”

The ultimate disc brake specific, aerodynamic, and lightweight road race wheelset.

When pushing the highest speeds in time trial and triathlon racing, the SES 7.8 will provide you an unmistakable aero advantage.

• Intended Use: Triathlon & Time Trial
• Inner rim width: 21mm
• Aero Optimized Tire Size: 25c
• Rim and Disc Brake Models Available
• Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible

Quick Compare; Hubs

Hub Model:
Make / Origin: Bearing: ThruAxle Spec: Freehub Options:
Enve Alloy France NTN-Stainless
 Front 12x100, Rear 12x142 Shimano | Campy | XDR
Enve Alloy - CeramicSpeed France CeramicSpeed
Front 12x100, Rear 12x142 Shimano | Campy | XDR
Chris King R45 USA In-House
Front 12x100, Rear 12x142 Shimano | XDR
Chris King R45 Ceramic USA In-House
Front 12x100, Rear 12x142 Shimano | XDR
Carbon-Ti SP 56T Italy SKF
Front 12x100, Rear 12x142 Shimano | Campy | XDR


Quick Compare; Wheels

ENVE SES Disc Depth Enve Alloy Enve Alloy - CeramicSpeed Chris King R45 Chris King R45 Ceramic Carbon-Ti SP 56T
3.4 Disc 38/42 1420g 1420g 1434g 1434g 1294g
3.4 AR Disc 39/43 1422g 1422g 1436g 1436g 1296g
4.5 AR Disc 49/55 1569g 1569g 1584g 1584g 1444g
5.6 Disc 54/63 1553g 1553g 1567g 1567g 1427g
7.8 Disc 71/78 1651g 1651g 1661g 1661g 1521g
SGD 4800 SGD
Disc Wheel
Depth -
Disc Disc - 1225g
SGD 4360



<Curator notes>

R45D Centerlock Rear hub requires an external lockring. The best option on the market is the Ashima Lightweight Rotor Lockring.

Wheel is further Aero optimized with Enve tubeless tires.

Weight optimized
- We recommend:
"The World's Lightest Rotors" - Ashima AiNeon Centerlock Rotors

More than 25% lighter than top tier rotors like Dura Ace.

Only use the original
Enve Tubeless tape and Enve Tubeless Kit on your Enve wheelsets.

We have seen rim explosions with other 3rd party tapes.
They do not conform and stick to the profile of the rim bed, in other cases they were not the exact width or thickness necessary.