ENVE SES 5.6 Disc Clincher

ENVE SES 5.6 Disc Clincher

SGD 4,360.00

Disc brake technology offers improved braking per-formance for amateur and professional road cyclists 
alike.  As a wheel manufacturer, carbon fiber rim brake surfaces are a major design constraint that limits weight savings and rim shape. By removing the constraints of a braking surface, we cam completely rethink the shape of the rim. The SES 5.6 Disc features the patented SES rim curvature but it has been fur-ther optimized for disc brakes. Additionally, the SES 5.6 Disc carbon fiber clinchers and tubulars are very light weight because the material used for heat man-agement has been eliminated. This allows for a more structurally efficient and impact resistant rim.  Finally, the SES 5.6 Disc carbon clincher is road tubeless com-patible, but it can still be run with standard inner-tubes and tires. Like the current generation SES carbon clinchers and tubulars, the 5.6 Disc has been aero-dynamically optimized around 25mm tires.

Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight: 450g 470g
DT240 CL: 707g 821g 1528g
King R45: 734g 869g 1603g
Depth: 54mm 63mm
Width: 28.75mm 28mm
Hole Count:  24H 24H
ERD 550mm 533g


Key Features:

  • Ground up disc brake specific aero development 
  • Asymmetric rim geometry front to rear 
  • Dissimilar rim shapes front and rear 
  • Lightweight 
  • Road Tubeless Compatible
  • Optimized for 25mm tires

Upon check out, add in notes section hub axle diameter/width and colour preference, if applicable. Otherwise, do not worry, our friendly wheelbuilders will contact you directly via email to get this information.