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This month’s featured wheelset is the SES 5.6 Disc. We are proud to partner with Manual For Speed, the authority of what’s cool in road cycling. The boys at MFS have had their fingers on the pulse of the sport and capture the essence of road culture and add to it their own creative spin.

Light Speed. If you’re wondering what you’re looking at here, well then, now you know. This is the world’s first accurate physical representation of Light Speed. Einstein theorized about it. Neil deGrasse Tyson dreams about it. Now thanks to project Reach For The Speed you're looking at it. How were we able to create something that has up until now mystified and dumbfounded the world’s greatest minds?

If you’re Manual for Speed, the first thing you do is contact the R&D department at ENVE. Why? Because when you’re the best at speed, when speed is your 24/7-365 obsession, you tend to know a thing or two about the subject. After countless hours of rigorous study and highly focused experimentation we collected ground breaking data that, if it were handled correctly by the right artist, could result in an accurate image of the speed of light and maybe, just maybe, something even more exciting.

That right artist was Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane. Rob worked tirelessly in an effort to fuse ENVE’s radical new discoveries with Manual for Speed’s intimate knowledge of Style. The result is the world’s first ever physical manifestation of the speed of light, aka Light Speed. We knew immediately that Rob had created an exceptional, maybe even extraordinary, example of graphic design & art that could, based on our calculations involving a complex amalgamation of String Theory, Quantum Physics, and the Kabbala, alter the physical properties of whatever material the design was applied to travel at the speed of light. To test the hypothesis we applied, we created this, the first ever ENVE X Manual For Speed Capsule Collection. We tested it and it works. 

Manufactured in the USA, the 5.6 Disc features second generation SES designs such as a tubeless bead, molded spoke holes, and fully uni-directional carbon fiber that can handle the rigors of road racing and gravel epics. 

These extremely limited edition wheelsets are first come, first serve and once they are gone, ENVE will not be producing any more. If you are interested in owning this exclusive wheelset, add it to your cart. If you miss out, stay tuned for July’s limited edition wheelset.

What’s Included:
-ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset with MFS Limited Edition graphics built on Black 24 hole Centerlock Chris King Ceramic 12x100 front 12x142 Shimano 11 speed rear hub in 700c
-Extra set of custom Limited Edition wheel decals
-Manual For Speed Limited Edition Castelli Kit *Bibs are true to size, Jerseys run a size large*
-ENVE Limited Edition 5-Panel Hat
-ENVE Double Wheelbag

*Please indicate the size of Bib and Jersey in the Notes section, upon check out. Available in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. *



The ultimate disc brake specific, aerodynamic, and lightweight road race wheelset with limited edition MFS graphics.


The SES 5.6 Disc is optimized aerodynamically and structurally for disc brake use. Road cyclists, triathletes, and gravel riders on disc brake bikes will benefit from the SES 5.6 Disc's reduced drag, lightweight design, and rim shape optimized for larger volume and tubeless road tires.


Most "disc brake" wheelsets are simply repurposed rim brake wheels with disc hubs. The elimination of a braking surface opens up the realm of aerodynamic and structural possibilities. When you don't have to engineer a flat braking surface or manage high temperatures from braking, you can reduce the rim's weight, adjust shape for improved aerodynamics and provide better tubeless performance.