Dark Deal: ENVE HDH Bar (Black Edition)

Dark Deal: ENVE HDH Bar (Black Edition)

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We took the lightest and most reliable carbon downhill handlebar on the market and gave it a lift.  Introducing the HDH handlebar from ENVE Composites; delivering the perfect blend of precision steering and ride-tuned damping inspired by the Santa Cruz Syndicate. The ENVE High-Rise DH (HDH) Handlebar uses a 100% uni-directional carbon fiber laminate tuned for downhill and park riding. The HDH bar is designed and engineered to dampen impact and vibrations out on the trail and in the park. The 46 mm rise helps riders find more height at the front end of their bike. Finding an optimized position for every rider can make the difference between confidence and fear on steep and aggressive mountain bike terrain. On the trail the bar’s flex is progressive and helps reduce hand pump and fatigue after long hours on the track or in the bike park. The HDH bar uses a 31.8 clamp diameter and becomes and optimized system when paired with the ENVE Direct Mount and Mountain Stems.



A wide high-rise downhill handlebar


Downhill and gravity riders looking for a taller more upright position on their shred sleds


Because a handful of ENVE Employees wanted a high-rise DH bar to improve their ride experience. The ENVE HDH handlebar replicates the ride quality and durability of the original ENVE DH handlebar in a more upright and slightly wider package.

Width: 810mm

Rise: 46mm

Sweep: 9 deg.

Tip: 5 deg.

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Weight: 267g


Key Features:

 46mm Rise 

 31.8 Clamp Diameter 

 Predefined cut lines 

 Ride tuned for optimized vibration damping 

 Full unidirectional carbon fiber construction