ENVE Classic 65 Tubular Rims

ENVE Classic 65 Tubular Rims

SGD 1,100.00
The release and use of this rim has stirred plenty of debate over the years as to its ideal application. Some call it the best TT wheel they have ridden, to others their favorite crit wheel, cyclocrossers swear by them, and road racing is a given.

Where things get really interesting is that the rim is so light that some racers insist it should even be used for hill climbs. The cycling world may be a more harmonious place without the 65, but it certainly wouldn't be as fast. After you have chosen what's best suited for your discipline, we're sure you will love the "Founders Favorite".



The ENVE Classics are the wheels that put ENVE on the radar of cyclists around the world. With the goal of creating a better carbon wheel experience, we set out to address the issues that had historically plagued carbon rims. These issues included poor braking performance, weight, durability, and stiffness to name a few. In short, our efforts resulted in three rim models that laid the ground work for our venerable Smart ENVE System that has since followed. The ENVE Classics are strong, light, stiff, and durable thanks to ENVE's proprietary technologies that we debuted with the Classics. These technologies include our patented molded in spoke and valve holes, machined braking surface, and bladder free construction. The introduction of the ENVE Classics ushered in a new era of high performance carbon race wheels capable of handling the daily grind.



Depth 65 65
Width 22 22
Hole Count 20 24
ERD 525 525
Finish UNI UNI
Weight: Rim Only 408 408 816
Weight: King R45 602 738 1340
Weight: DT 240 607 748 1355
Weight: DT 180 601 707 1308

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