ENVE Classic 25 Clincher

ENVE Classic 25 Clincher

SGD 3,100.00
Who likes to climb? We certainly do...A brief examination of the wheel market quickly revealed that there existed a great opportunity to create a truly unique climbing wheel.

With the Wasatch Front in our backyard, we wanted to develop a wheel that was not only light, but confidence inspiring at the same time. Sure, there were really light wheels on the market, but what fun is climbing if your only reward when you reach the summit is a sketchy descent that you are only happy to have survived? The 25 is our solution. Ready for the bonus? Thanks to its light weight and compliant ride, the 25 is the house favorite for CX racing. In a sport where durability and constant changes of direction and speed are the name of the game, the 25 has quickly achieved celebrity status.



The ENVE Classics are the wheels that put ENVE on the radar of cyclists around the world. With the goal of creating a better carbon wheel experience, we set out to address the issues that had historically plagued carbon rims. These issues included poor braking performance, weight, durability, and stiffness to name a few. In short, our efforts resulted in three rim models that laid the ground work for our venerable Smart ENVE System that has since followed. The ENVE Classics are strong, light, stiff, and durable thanks to ENVE's proprietary technologies that we debuted with the Classics. These technologies include our patented molded in spoke and valve holes, machined braking surface, and bladder free construction. The introduction of the ENVE Classics ushered in a new era of high performance carbon race wheels capable of handling the daily grind.



Depth 25 25
Width 22 22
Hole Count 20 24
ERD 606 606
Finish UNI UNI
Weight: Rim Only 402 402 804
Weight: King R45 613 748 1361
Weight: DT 240 618 758 1376
Weight: DT 180 612 717 1329

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