ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

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An ENVE worthy road, gravel and cyclocross hub set designed and engineered to raise the bar of hub performance compared to current industry leading hubs by delivering more efficient wheel builds, improved power transmission, and reliability via a low maintenance design.


Cyclists who would rather spend their time riding than maintaining their wheelset will find the ENVE Road Hub is the solution. ENVE hubs feature Perfect Preload™ which means no more hub slop, frustrating adjustments, or prematurely worn bearings. Stainless steel bearings and races keep corrosion at bay, while premium external seals prevent contamination. The ENVE Road Hub is for riders.


ENVE’s mission statement is to create a better ride experience through a combination of science and insight. The science is what our engineering team is expert at. The insight comes from the ride experiences of ENVE employees, athletes, ambassadors, and customers. Ultimately, the ENVE Road Hub is the embodiment of our mission and delivers a better ride experience. Here’s how, first, billet is forged then precision machined into a light weight hub shell that features optimized flange spacing and geometry for responsive and optimally stiff wheel builds that inspire confidence when accelerating and cornering. The free hub body is machined from 7075 alloy and hard anodized to reduce cog bite. Additionally, the free hub body can be removed without tools and switching between Campy, Shimano, and Sram can be accomplished without re-dishing the wheel. Housed behind the free hub body is a 40t ratchet style drive system that delivers efficient and responsive power transmission in a highly reliable, virtually maintenance free package. The bearings and races are stainless steel (not to be confused with non-stainless steel bearings which are commonly spec’d in hubs) to withstand the elements and provide a smooth ride, miles beyond what the competition is spec’ing in their hubs and wheelsets. To further maximize rolling efficiency, non-contact bearing seals are used on all internal bearings where contamination is not a concern. Perfect Preload™ ensures the hubs will not develop lateral play or bearing slop over time. We make hubs so that the world’s best rims or whatever your rims of choice may be can be built into wheelsets that require less maintenance, inspire more confidence, and help you achieve more speed with greater efficiency. It’s the ENVE way.


Front Rear
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 100g 252g
Hole Count 20 24
Spoke Type J-Bend  J-Bend
Lacing Pattern Radial 2x/2x or 2x/1x
Flange Diameter 37mm 55mm
Center to Flange 39mm L-41mm, R-16.5mm
End Caps Stainless Alloy
Axle QR 100mm QR 130mm
Internal Axle Diameter 10mm 17mm
Freehub N/A Shimano/SRAM HG, XDR, Campy