Dark Deal: Ritte Snob Disc (Gulf Lacquered)- FS007

Dark Deal: Ritte Snob Disc (Gulf Lacquered)- FS007

SGD 1,500.00 SGD 4,650.00 Save SGD 3,150.00

Frame and Fork Only. 

Frame Ritte Stainless Snob - Disc
Updated Gen2 model
Size XS (52)
Fork Enve RD Disc - 1.25 Tapered 
Paint Custom painted - Gulf 
Brushed Stainless Steel, Lacquered for protection

Note: Components, Small parts & Hardware not included.

"A price that's hard to beat.
The Enve RD Disc fork alone goes for SGD 850, the custom paint job at SGD 700. The frame is the most updated, Gen2 Snob Disc.

The paint job takes inspiration from the recognisable mix of blue and orange of the Gulf Oil Racing Livery. The bare frame was first brushed and the colours were applied similar to the original Snob's stock paint scheme - Blue on the base and Orange on the accents. To emphasise the beauty of the raw steel, the logos and badges showcase the actual steel and highlight the brushed texture. (Whereas in other cases a decal is usually applied.) The rest of the frame is then lacquered over to preserve the brush finish." - The Curator

PS; Not technically well versed in bike component lingual? No problem. We've listed all the necessary specs and added links to sources as a guide. 

<Tech Notes>

TT: 51.8cm
ST*: 74*
ST: 49.5cm
HT*: 71.5*
HT: 10.7cm (excluding HS)

HT ID: 44/44
BB spec: PF30
SP dia: 27.2mm
Brake: Disc, Post Mount
QR: 100x9, 135x10
Steerer: 1.5 tapered
FD: Brazed


True love doesn't rust.

Stainless steel is a unique material. Like titanium, it won’t corrode over time, but where it arguably rises above Ti, is in its more lively, solid ride quality that makes the bike feel glued to the road. That’s why our Snob comes to life on technical, twisty roads, challenging terrain and any time comfort and sheer traction are needed over brute stiffness.

We designed the Snob to be a balance between tradition and contemporary thinking: its compact geometry, oversize tubes, and tapered head tube makes the Snob as fresh and modern as the latest carbon bikes, but with the feel and soul of a master-made steel frame that is comfortable for all-day rides. We use high-strength Oversized 630 Stainless steel, custom hardened in-factory, laser-mitered and TIG welded. 

KVA MS2 Steel

Additional Info:

  • Full carbon fork tapered to 1-1/4" 
  • PF30 Bottom Bracket (not included)
  • 44mm ID (inside diameter) head tube for press-in headset (headset not included)
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger  (included)
  • Ext routing. 
  • Laser-mitered and TIG welded.
  • 27.2 seat post (not included)

Recommended Build specs / options;

Headset ZS44/EC44 - 1.25Tapered
(We recommend Chris King i8 / White Industries ZS44/EC44
Compression Plug 1-1/8" 
(We recommend Carbon-Ti / Enve)
Seat Collar 31.8mm - 27.2mmm
(We recommend Carbon-Ti X-Clamp)
Bottom Bracket PF30
(We recommend Praxis Works / Chris King)
Handle Bar 31.8mm
(We recommend Enve Compact)
Stem 31.8mm / 1.125
(We recommend Enve)
Seatpost 27.2mm
(We recommend Enve)
Bottle Cages (We recommend Enve)
Bartape (We recommend Enve)



“Under hard braking, in can-I-make-it corners, during prolonged furious efforts in tight packs, and in top- end sprints, the frame neither excessively deflects nor holds resolute so much as it yields then strikes like a Tai Chi master. It’s a living ride. It has a heartbeat.”

— Bill Strickland, Bicycling Magazine


“The Snob hits a fine mark between contemporary functionality and traditional craftsmanship and materials, a modern-day heirloom bike that will probably last longer than you will.”

— CycleEXIF.com

RITTE is a company based in the US, but it is a brand heavily inspired by all things Belgian.
At the 1919 edition of Tour de Flanders, Henri ‘Ritte’ Van Lerbergh was a belgian rider who showed up at the start line without a bike…
He then borrowed a bike from a local and started attacking at the start of the race.
Close to the end of the race, he had built up such a lead, he decided to stop at a pub for a pint.
One pint turned into many. He then got back on the borrowed bike to finish the race. He won the race by 14 minutes.