Dark Deal: E.22 by Elite Wheelworks, X2 (Gen1), Chris King R45

Dark Deal: E.22 by Elite Wheelworks, X2 (Gen1), Chris King R45

SGD 1,280.00 SGD 1,872.50 Save SGD 592.50

E.22 by Elite Wheelworks at a Deal? Now is your chance! 


The E22. is a classic Black Anodised Rim with a silver CNC-ed Brake Track. Built on Chris King R45 hubset, it weighs in at a mere 1297grams, putting it right at the top as one of the lightest Clinchers available. 

For Comparison: 

Rim / Hub Weight:
E.22 X2 | Chris King R45 1297g
Enve SES 2.2 | Chris King R45 1360g
Enve Classic 1.25 | Chris King R45 1361g
Fulcrum Zero Black | Fulcrum 1440g
Fulcrum Zero Nite | Fulcrum 1420g
Dura Ace C24 | Dura Ace 1395g
Mavic Ksyrium SLS | Mavic 1395g
Reynolds Stratus Pro | Reynolds 1445g
Zipp 30 Clincher | Zipp 1655g


There are several factors that attribute to the strength, weight and durability of our rims. 

If you refer the cross sections above, there are two things you would notice about the competitor's rim. 

The first is, there are voids that surround the cross section, and this runs throughout the entire circumference of the rim. As these voids are often irregular, they affect the overall weight and strength distribution of the rim. In such instances, it would result in a poor wheelbuild. 

Second, the competitor's rim has walls that are thicker than the E.22. We were able to achieve unparalleled strength and weight qualities in our rims because of a unique alloy that was used in its creation. Nothing is spared, starting with the base material which is largely, high quality aluminium from Australia. The result was a material with twice the tensile strength of conventional alloys. 


Wheelbuild Breakdown:

 Rim:  E.22 by Elite Wheelworks, 20/24H, Silver CNC Brake Track
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray (Black)
Hubs:  Chris King R45 
Nipples: Sapim Alu Polynax 
Skewers: Enve Titanium Skewers
Rim Tape: DT Swiss


Each E.22 wheelset is handbuilt by one of our in-house wheelbuilders. Upon purchase, our wheelbuilders will get in touch with you, to confirm the colours of your components. 


  • Limited to 12 sets. 
  • First Come, First Serve - No Reserve. 
  • Condition: Brand New, Unbuilt (Takes 3-5 working days to build)
  • Features Chris King R45 hubset - Available in an array of colours. 
  • Includes a brand new set Enve Titanium Skewers, DT Swiss rim tape.