Curve CC 38s Road Clincher Wheelset

Curve CC 38s Road Clincher Wheelset

SGD 2,850.00


The newest configuration of our 38mm offering is now UCI approved and ready to race. This UCI approved race combo links our 25mm wide 20 spoked front and 23mm wide 24 spoke rear to help you ride as safe and as fast as possible. The wider front rim helps keep your front end feeling firmer under hard sprinting and diving into corners while the narrower rear wheel is lighter, aiding acceleration efforts and climbing. The extra width upfront also allows us to build some more material into rim, allowing for higher impact resistance. These rims are designed with "bull nose" profile to reduce crosswind interference. 

Our wheels are solidly built around proven components configured to create a well balanced, high performance, great value wheel package.

For the very weight conscious riders, a 23mm front rim option is also available. 


 Rim Width Weight (est.)
25mm 465g
23mm 450g


Rim Width  Hub Spokes Weight (est.)
25/23mm DT350 Sapim Leader TBC
DT350 Sapim CX Ray 1464g
DT240 Sapim CX Ray 1390g
DT240 Marwi Titanium 1320g
DT180 Sapim CX Ray 1343g
DT180 Marwi Titanium 1273g
CK R45 Sapim CX Ray 1375g
CK R45 Marwi Titanium 1305g
CK R45c Sapim CX Ray 1374g
CK R45c Marwi Titanium 1304g
Carbon-Ti Marwi Titanium 1194g
23/23mm DT350 Sapim Leader TBC
DT350 Sapim CX Ray 1449g
DT240 Sapim CX Ray 1375g
DT240 Marwi Ti 1305g
DT180 Sapim CX Ray 1328g
DT180 Marwi Ti 1258g
CK R45 Sapim CX Ray 1360g
CK R45 Marwi Ti 1290g
CK R45c Sapim CX Ray 1359g
CK R45c Marwi Ti 1289g
Carbon-Ti Marwi Ti 1179g