Curve 38mm Carbon Clincher Road Rim

Curve 38mm Carbon Clincher Road Rim

SGD 855.00

38mm is a very versatile depth in a performance road wheel, finding the balance of aero, weight and stiffness.

These rims are designed with "bull nose" profile to reduce crosswind interference. They have been refined around very sturdy layup across two widths: 23mm and 25mm. These wider options mean you can run lower pressures to achieve a more supple and better handling ride. 

25mm have a beefier construction and are cross compatible with CX as they can endure more abuse, albeit with a slight weight penalty. 

  • Rim: 38mm full carbon fibre 
  • Super durable, high temp braking surface.
  • Toroidal (bull nose) design 
 Rim Width Weight (est.)
25mm 465g
23mm 450g