Race Wheel Rental



We like to refer to our Race Wheel Rental Program as a tasting session for those interested in some of the best wheelsets available to mankind. 

At Elite, we have a huge library of both, stock and custom wheelsets available for loan, so this program allows you to 'taste' the different rim depths, spoke materials and hubsets. 

More importantly, this program is not only designed to help you choose a pair, but to eventually own one

Here's how it works. Our wheelsets are categorised into 2 categories.

  1. ENVE Classics (SGD 300 per week, or part thereof)
  2. ENVE SES (SGD 450 per week, or part thereof)

Extension of rental rate is fixed at SGD 30 per day for either set of wheels.

These rental fees are accumulated and will eventually be credited if and when you decide to purchase a complete ENVE wheelset from us. 

For Example: If you rent a pair of ENVE classics 10 times, you would have accumulated SGD 3000 wheel credit. If the ENVE Classic wheelset you are after is SGD 3000, we'll give you that wheelset! Consider this an interest free instalment if you must... Alternatively, you can top up the remainder to purchase the wheelset on the spot, once you have decided on the wheelset you want. 

Limitation: Please note that the Race Wheel Rental is limited to Singaporeans residing in Singapore only, please bring along your i/c for documentation purposes.

Booking: Our Race Wheel Rental has been extremely popular over the last 5 years, since it was implemented. It is best to book a rental date early (about 1-2 months in advance), to secure the exact model you desire. 

Contact: Email us at info@elitecustom.sg to check on availability, or have any questions with regards to the different wheelbuilds offered. We are also happy to help you with wheelset recommendations that will compliment your riding style and goals.