Chris King Lefty Conversion

Bought a Cannondale Lefty Fork recently?

Here's how you can convert your pre-existing Chris King LD ISO Front hub to Lefty, you would need:

PHB350 Front Lefty® Upgrade Kit-Convert your ISO LD Front Hub to ISO Lefty® Left Front Hub

This Chris King Lefty Conversion Kit comes with every part you need to convert your ISO LD front hub to a Lefty front hub. This conversion can only be completed on ISO LD hubs with a 1720 serial number prefix.

OR, you can purchase these components seperately:

PHB353 1mm Disc Spacer for ISO Lefty® LD Front hubs
PHB351 Front Lefty® Axle (Axle only)
PHB352 Lefty® Front Axle End Cap
PHB354 Cannondale® Axle Bolt