Basic Servicing

Our basic servicing is SGD 120
It involves:
  1. A through wash of the whole bike
  2. Degrease and regrease of the drive chain
  3. A complete change of cables
  4. Tuning of brakes and shifters
  5. Polishing and waxing the frame with a Polymer Sealant and UV inhibitions
  6. A change of bartape. 
This gets your bike Race-Ready.

It does NOT include:

  1. Any removal of any component on your bicycle
  2. Any restoration works
 Lead Time: 2-3 Days, possibly longer during race season.
Email us at to get an accurate lead time. 
*Please remove all lights, bike computers, pouches and water bottles from your bicycle.
Elite Custom will not be liable for any loss or damage to these items. *